Hold on, dude!



Publisher: Megaton

Year: 1987

Ramm hails from a distant planet which had exploded leaving him hurling through the cosmos clinging to a small chunk of rock. Of course he manages to survive such an event and come crashing to the earth where he lands near a homeless drunk.

Not being able to communicate he jumps the guy and his ram horns turn into some type of tentacle input devices which he uses to insert into the ears of people to instantly learn the language :


Hot tentacle action!


After he is done making love to the bum’s ears he proceed to demand he get a job. Since the bum has no skills they decide to pretend he’s a ventriloquist using Ramm as the dummy. They make some money and proceed to have a meal at a diner while talking to an agent who sees them as a money-making opportunity

Ramm ingests carbs, which affect his body and make him grow 6 times his normal size. The duo get arrested but Ramm uses his new found strength to break them out of the police van. There is some evil dude plotting to get ahold of Ramm, which I’m sure we’ll know more about in the conclusion of the series in issue #2.

Cover Art:

Interior Art:




A solid book that’s nice to look at and not too hard to struggle through the story. It’s worth a couple of chuckles, which is what these books should be about. If you want serious, you’re reading the wrong blog. Go bang your shin into something, really *really* hard.

Get this book!

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